An animal substance, composed of coagulated albumen, with a little gelatine, and about a two-hundredth part of the phosphate of lime. But the horns of the buck and hart are of a different nature, being intermediate between bone and horn. The horns of oxen are prepared for lanthorn leaves in the following manner. They are first softened by roasting over a fire made of the stalks of furze, and then slit lengthwise, on one side, and kept expanded flat between a pair of tongs, and afterwards placed in a press between iron plates that are greased. Here the horns remain till they are cooled; they are next soaked in water till soft enough to be pared down to the required thinness, with a large knife worked horizontally on a block. Their transparency is thus acquired; and after being immersed in ley, they are polished with whitening, and the coal of burnt willow. Horn for making into snuff boxes, combs, and other ornamental articles are stained to imitate Tortoise Shell,