The annexed engraving represents an arrangement for a Direct-action Engine, devised by Messrs. Seaward, and commonly known as the "Gorgon Engine," from having been first employed in a government steamer of that name. a is the steam cylinder, and b the piston-rod, which is connected to the crank c by the connecting rod d. The head of the piston-rod is guided vertically by the parallel motion as follows: - e is a rocking standard, carrying at its upper end the fulcrum upon which the beamfturns.

Napier's Engine

Napier's Engine,

This beam is jointed at g to the cross-head of the piston-rod, and at h to the radius bar i, which turns upon k as a centre. The outer end m of the beam serves to work the air-pump n. The slide-valves are of a peculiar construction, patented by Mr. Seaward, and which will be described in the latter part of this article. o is the steam-pipe, by which the steam enters the slide-case p of the induction slides; and q is the slide-case of the eduction slides, which is connected with the condenser r, the upper portion of which forms the hot-well.

Seaward s Gorgon Engine 545

Messrs. Seaward have constructed several pairs of engines of this description, of large dimensions, for the government, which may be considered a proof of the efficiency of the plan.