The tick for a feather bed should be cut to the size of the bedstead, with a 5-in. border and a welt, the pattern running lengthways on the bed, and crossways on the border and welting. The stuffing allowance of medium quality feathers is 8 lb. per ft. in width, decreasing with a superior kind. For flock, the figure is about the same, but the tick is cut without a border.

Bolster ticks are cut 20 in. wide and of a length to suit the width of the bed; the ends are gathered and welted on the cross either to an oval piece 12 in. by 8 in., or to a square piece 14 in. by 6 in. rounded on the ends. This is for feathers, of which 8 to 10 lb. will be required. In the case of flock stuffing, they are finished square, and require about the same weight. Pillow ticks are cut 20 in. wide and sewn to finish square, requiring 4 to 5 lb. of feathers or flock.