Ailantbus Excelsa

Ailantbus excelsa wood is white, light, and not durable; used for scabbards, etc.

Albizzia Elata

Albizzia elata weight, 42-55 lb.; used by the Burmese for bridges and house-posts; it has a large proportion of sapwood, but the heartwood is hard and durable; may eventually become a valuable article of trade.

Albizzia Stipulata

Albizzia stipulata weight, 66 lb.; has a beautifully streaked brown heartwood, which is much prized for cart-wheels and bells for cattle.

Albizzia Sp. (Kokoh)

Albizzia sp. (Kokoh) weight, 46 lb.; elasticity, 4123; cohesion, 19,263 lb.; strength, 855 lb.; much valued by the Burmese for cart-wheels, oil-presses, and canoes.

Artocarpus Hirsuta (Anjilli)

Artocarpus hirsuta (Anjilli) weight, 40 lb.; elasticity, 3905; cohesion, 15,070 lb.; strength, 744 lb.; especially esteemed as a timber bearing submersion in water; durable, and much sought after for dockyards as second only to teak for ship-building; also used for house-building, canoes, etc.

Aitocarpus Integrifolia (Jack)

Aitocarpus integrifolia (Jack) weight, 44 lb.; elasticity, 4030; cohesion 16,420 lb.; strength, 788 lb.; wood when dry is brittle, and has a coarse and crooked grain; is, however, suitable for some kinds of house carpentry and joinery; tables, musical instruments, cabinet and marquetry work, etc.; wood when first cut is yellow, afterwards changing to various shades of brown.

Artocarpus Lacoocha (Monkey Jack)

Artocarpus Lacoocha (Monkey Jack) weight, 40 lb.; wood used in Burma for canoes.

Artocarpus Mollis

Artocarpus mollis weight, 30 lb.; used for canoes and cart-wheels. Azadirachta indica (Neem): weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 2672-3183; cohesion, 17,450 lb.; strength, 720-752 lb.; wood is hard, fibrous, and durable, except from attacks of insects; it is of a reddish-brown colour, and is used by the natives for agricultural and building purposes; is difficult to work, but is worthy of attention for ornamental woodwork; long beams are seldom obtainable; but the short thick planks are in much request for doors and door-frames for native houses, on account of the fragrant odour of the wood.

Barringtonia Acutangula

Barringtonia acutangula weight, 56 lb.; elasticity, 4006; cohesion, 19,560 lb.; strength, 863 lb.; wood of a beautifully red colour, tough and strong, with a fine grain, and susceptible of good polish; used in making carts, and is in great request by cabinetmakers.

Barringtonia Racemosa; Weight, 56 Lb

Barringtonia racemosa; weight, 56 lb. elasticity, 3845; cohesion, 17,705 lb.; strength, 819 lb.; wood is lighter coloured, and close-grained, but of less strength than that of the last-named species; used for house-building and cart-framing, and has been employed for railway-sleepers.

Bussia Latifolia

Bussia latifolia weight, 66 lb.; elasticity, 3420; cohesion, 20,070 lb.; strength, 760 lb.; wood is sometimes used for doors, windows, and furniture; but it is said to be eagerly devoured by white ants.