Bassia Longifolia

Bassia longifolia weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 3174; cohesion, 15,070 lb.; strength, 730 lb.; is used for spars in Malabar, and considered nearly equal to teak, though smaller.

Bauhinia Variegata

Bauhinia variegata centre wood is hard and dark like ebony, but seldom large enough for building purposes.

Berrya Ammonilla (Trincomallie)

Berrya ammonilla (Trincomallie) weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 3836; cohesion, 26,704 lb.; strength, 784 lb.; most valuable wood in Ceylon for naval purposes, and furnishes the material of the Madras Masoola boats; considered the best wood for capstan bars, crosstrees, and fishes for masts; is light, strong, and flexible, and takes the place of ash in Southern India for shafts, helves, etc.

Bignonia Chelonoides

Bignonia chelonoides weight, 48 lb.; elasticity, 2804; cohesion, 16,657 lb.; strength, 642 lb.; wood is highly coloured orange-yellow, hard, and durable; a good fancy wood, and suitable for building.

Bignonia Stipulata

Bignonia stipulata weight, 64 lb.; elasticity, 5033; cohesion, 28.998 lb.; strength, 1386 lb.; furnishes logs 18 ft. in length and 4 ft. in girth, with strong, fibrous, elastic timber, resembling teak; used in house-building, and for bows and spear-handles; one of the strongest, densest, and most valuable of the Burman woods.

Bombax Heptaphyllum

Bombax heptaphyllum elasticity, 2225; cohesion, 6951 lb.; strength, 678 11).; light loose-grained wood, valueless as timber, but extensively used for packing oases, tea-chests, and camel trunks; and as it does not rot in water, it is useful for stakes in canal banks, etc.; long planks 3 ft. in width can be obtained from old trees.

Borassus Flabelliformis

Borassus flabelliformis weight, 65 lb.; elasticity, 4901; cohesion, 11,898 1b.; strength, 044 lb.; timber is very durable and of great strength to sustain cross strain; used for rafters, joists, and battens; trees have, however, to attain a considerable age before they are fit for timber.

Briedelia Spinosa

Briedelia spinosa weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 4132; cohesion, 14,801 lb.; strength, 892 lb.; strong, tough, durable, close-grained wood, of a copper colour, which, however, is Dot easily worked; employed by the natives for cart-building and house-beams, and is also used for railway-sleepers; lasts under water, and is consequently used for well-curbs.

Butea Frondosa

Butea frondosa wood is generally small or gnarled, and used only for firewood; in Guzcrat, however, it is extensively used for house purposes, and deemed durable and strong.

Buxus Nepalensis

Buxus nepalensis a very valuable wood for engraving, but inferior to the Black Sea kind of box in closeness of grain and in hardness.

Byttneria Sp

Byttneria sp. weight, 63 lb.; elasticity, 4284; cohesion, 26,571 lb.; strength, 1012 lb.; wood of great elasticity and strength, invaluable for gun-carriages; used by Burmese for axles, cart-poles, and spear-handles.