Mian Milila

Mian Milila breaking-weight, 394 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 8 oz.; weight, 561b.; durability, 20-90 years; logs average 16 ft. by 18 1/2 in.; uses, bridges, pade-boats, cart and waggon-wheels, water-tubs, house buildings.


Muruba weight, 42 lb.; durability, 30-40 years; uses, water and arrack casks, buildings, and underground purposes.


Nedun breaking-weight, 437 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 12 oz.; weight, 561b.; durability, 60-80 years; logs average 15 ft. by 16 in.; uses, buildings and furniture.


Nelli weight, 49 lb.; durability, 30 years; uses, wheels and wells.

Pol Or Coconut

Pol or Coconut weight, 70 lb.; durability, 20-50 years: uses, buildings, fancy boxes, and furniture.


Sapu weight, 42 lb.; durability, 20-50 years; uses, carriages, palankins, etc.; in buildings it is a very good wood for window-sashes.

Sapu Milila

Sapu Milila weight, 49 lb.; durability, 10-40 years; use?, water-casks, cart and waggon wheels, pade-boats, bridges, and house buildings.


Suriya breaking-weight, 334 lb.; deflection, l 1/8 in.; absorption, 16 oz.; weight, 49 lb.; durability, 20-40 years; logs average 12 ft. by l6 in.; uses, admirable for •carriages, hackeries, gun-stocks, and in buildings.


Tal breaking-weight, 407 lb.; deflection, 3/4 in.; absorption, 13 oz.; weight, 65 lb.; durability, 80 years; uses, rafters and reepers (battens for roofs).


Teak breaking-weight, 336 lb.; deflection, 7/8 in.; absorption, 13 oz.; weight, 44 lb.; durability, 15-90 years; logs average 23 ft. by 17i in.; uses, carts, waggons, bridges, buildings, and arrack casks, imparting fine colour and flavour to the liquor.


Ubbariya breaking-weight, 232 lb.; weight, 51 lb.; durability, 80 years; uses, rafters and reepers.


Velanga weight, 36 lb.; uses, poles of bullock-carts, betel trays, and gun-stocks.


Walbonibu weight, 36 lb.; durability, 15 years; use, common house buildings.


Waldomba weight, 39 lb.; durability, 20 years; use, common house buildings.


Walukina weight, 39 lb.; durability, 10 years; use, masts of dhonies.


Welipenna weight, 35 lb.; durability, 40 years; use, common house buildings.


Wewarana weight, G2 lb.; durability, 60 years; uses, house buildings and pestles.