Hal Mendora

Hal Mendora weight, 56 lb.; durability, 8-20 years; uses, bridges and house buildings, lasts longer than the preceding for underground purposes.

Hal Milila

Hal Milila breaking-weight, 422 lb.; deflection, 2 1/4 in.; absorption, 6 oz.; weight, 4S lb.; durability, 10-80 years; logs average 20 1/2 ft. by 14 3/4 in.; uses, casks, tubs, carts, waggons, and buildings; is the best wood for oil-casks in the island.


Hirikadol weight, 49 lb.; durability, 15 years; use, common house buildings.


Hora weight, 451b. durability, 15 years; use, roofs of common buildings.


Ironwood breaking-weight, 497 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption 7 oz.; weight, 72 lb.; durability, 10-60 years; logs average 22 1/2 ft. by 14 1/2 in.; uses, bridges and buildings.


Jack breaking-weight, 306 lb.; deflection, 7/8 in.; absorption, 17 oz.; weight, 42 lb.; durability, 25-80 years; logs average 21 ft. by 17 in.; in general use for buildings, boats, and all kinds of furniture.


Kadol weight, 65 lb.; durability, 40 years; use, common house-building.

Kadubberiya Or Bastard Ebony

Kadubberiya or Bastard ebony weight, 45 lb.; durability, 40 years; use, furniture; the heart of this wood is occasionally of great beauty.

Kaha Milila

Kaha Milila breaking-weight, 385 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 8 oz.; weight, 56 lb.; durability, 15-80 years; logs average 16 ft. by 18 1/2 in.; uses, water-casks, pade-boats, waggon-wheels, bullock-carts, bridges, and buildings.


Kahata weight, 38 lb.; durability, 10-20 years; uses, axles for bullock bandies, and buildings.


Kalukela weight, 38 lb.; durability, 30 years; uses, common house buildings; when variegated, it is a beautiful wood, and is used for furniture and cabinet-work.


Kiripella weight, 30 lb.; durability, 20-30 years; uses, common furniture and house buildings.


Kiriwalla weight, 35 lb.; durability, 30 years; uses, principally for inlaying orna mental furniture and cabinet-work.


Kitul weight 71 lb. durability, 30-90 years; uses, reepers (roof battens) and window-bars.


Kokatiya weight, 56 lb.; durability, 80 years; use, house buildings.


Kon weight, 49 lb.; durability, 5-10 years; uses, native oil presses and wooden anchors.


Kottamba weight, 38 lb.; durability, 30 years; use, common house buildings.'

Mal Buruta

Mal Buruta breaking-weight, 252 lb.; weight, 57 lb.; durability, 80 years; logs average 19 ft. by 20 1/2 in.; use, furniture, being the most valuable Ceylon wood next to Calamander.


Mi breaking-weight, 362 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 15 oz.; weight, 61 lb.; durability, 25-80 years; logs average 25 ft. by 16 in.; uses, keels for dhonies, bridges, and buildings.