In the following list of Ceylon woods, the breaking-weight and the deflection before breaking are taken on a bar 24 in. long and 1 in. square; the absorptive power is calculated on a block measuring 12 in. by 4 in. by 4 in.; and the weight represents 1 cub. ft.


Alubo weight, 49 lb. durability, 20 years; use, common house-building.


Aludel breaking weight, 350 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 15 oz.; weight, 51 lb.; durability, 35-70 years; logs average 22 /2 ft. by 16 in.; uses, fishing boats and house buildings.


Aramana breaking weight, 297 1b.; deflection, 1 1/2 in.; absorption, 13 oz.; weight, 57 lb.; durability, 50 years; logs average 15 ft. by 13 in.; uses, furniture and house buildings.


Beriya weight, 57 lb.; durability, 10-30 years : uses, anchors and house-building.

Buruta Or Satinwood

Buruta or Satinwood breaking-weight, 521 lb.; deflection, 1 in.; absorption, 14 oz.; weight, 55 lb.; durability, 10-80 years; logs average 19 ft. by 20 1/2 in.; uses, oil-presses, waggon-wheels, bullock-carts, bridges, cog-wheels, buildings, and furniture.


Calamander weight, 57 lb.; durability, 80 years; a scarce and beautiful wood; the most valuable for ornamental purposes in Ceylon.


Daminna weight, 44 lb.; durability, 40 years; uses, gun-stocks and common house buildings,


Dangaha weight, 23 lb.; buoys for fishing nets, models for dhonies.


Dawata weight, 43 lb.; durability, 25 years; uses, roofs of common buildings.


Del breaking-weight, 2G4 lb.; deflection, 7/8 in.; absorption, 17 oz.; weight, 40 1b.; durability, 20-50 years.; logs average 22 1/2 ft. by 1G in.; uses, boats and buildings.


Dun weight, 29 lb. durability, 50 years; uses, house buildings.


Ebony breaking-weight, 360 lb.; deflection, 1 3/8 in.; absorption, 11 oz.; weight, 71 lb.; durability, 80 years; logs average 12 1/2 ft. by 13 in.; a fine black wood, used largely for buildings and furniture.

Gal Mendora

Gal Mendora breaking-weight, 370 lb.: deflection, 1 1/4 in.; absorption, 14 oz.; weight, 571b.; durability, 15-60 years; logs average 22 1/2ft. by 13 in.; uses, bridges and buildings; is the best wood for underground purposes; also used for reepers (battens) for tiling.

Gal Mora

Gal Mora weight, 65 lb.; durability,30years; uses, house buildings, and gives best firewood for brick- and lime-kilns.


Godapara weight, 51 lb.; durability, 60 years; use, roofs for houses.


Gorukina weight, 41 lb.; durability, 25 years; uses, poles for bullock-carts, and bouse buildings.


Hal weight, 26 lb. durability, 10 years; uses, packing cases, ceilings, coffins.