Cassalpinia Sappan

Cassalpinia Sappan weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 4790; cohesion, 22,578 lb.; strength, 15401b.; admirably adapted for ornamental work, being of a beautiful "flame" colour, with a smooth glassy surface, easily worked, and neither warping nor cracking.

Calophyllum Angustifolium

Calophyllum angustifolium weight, 45 lb.; elasticity, 2944; cohesion, 15,864 lb.; strength, 612 lb.; see Poon, p. 145.

Calophyllum Longifolium

Calophyllum longifolium weight, 45 lb.; elasticity, 3491; cohesion, 16,3S8 lb.; strength, 546 lb.; a red wood, excellent for masts, helves, etc, and also (when well cleaned and polished) for furniture; but it does not appear to be abundant.

Careya Arborea

Careya arborea weight, 50-56 lb.; elasticity, 3255; cohesion, 14,803 lb.; strength, 675-S70 lb.; furnishes a tenacious and durable wood, which admits of a fine polish; does not, however, appear to be much used as timber, except in Pegu, where it grows to a very large size, and is the chief material of which the carts of the country are made, and the red wood is esteemed equivalent to mahogany.

Casuarina Muricata

Casuarina muricata weight, 55 lb.; elasticity, 4474; cohesion, 20,887 lb.; strength, 920 lb.; yields a strong, fibrous, stiff timber, of reddish colour.

Cathartocarpus Fistula

Cathartocarpus Fistula weight, 41 lb.; elasticity, 3153; cohesion, 17,705 lb.; strength, 846 lb.; generally a small tree, whose close-grained, mottled, dark-brown wood is suited for furniture; in Malabar, however, it grows large enough to be used for spars of native boats.

Cedrela Toona

Cedrela Toona weight, 31 lb.; elasticity, 26S4-3568; cohesion, 9000 lb.; strength, 560 lb.; see Toon, p. 149.

Cedrus Deodara

Cedrus Deodara elasticity, 3205-3925; strength, 456-625 lb.; see Deodar, p. 132.

Chickrassia Tabitiaris

Chickrassia tabitiaris weight, 42 lb.; elasticity, 2876; cohesion, 9943 lb.; strength, 614 lb.; stronger and tougher than Toon (p. 149), but very liable to warp; used as mahogany by cabinet-makers.

Chloroxylon Swietenia

Chloroxylon Swietenia weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 4163; cohesion, 11,369 lb.; strength, S70 lb.; see Satinwood, p. 147.

Cocos Nucifera

Cocos nucifera weight, 70 lb.; elasticity, 3605; cohesion, 9150 lb.; strength, 608 lb.; gives a hard and durable wood, fitted for ridge-poles, rafters, battens, posts, pipes, boats, etc.

Connarus Speciosa

Connarus speciosa heavy, strong, white timber, adapted to every purpose of housebuilding.

Conocarpus Acuminatus

Conocarpus acuminatus weight, 59 lb.; 'elasticity, 4352; cohesion, 20,623 lb.; strength, 880 lb.; heartwood is reddish brown, hard, and durable; used for house and cart building; exposed to water, it soon decays.