Conocarpus Latifolius

Conocarpus latifolius weight, 65 lb.; elasticity, 5033; cohesion, 21,155 lb.; strength, 1220 lb.; furnishes a hard, durable, chocolate-coloured wood, very strong in sustaining cross strain; in Nagpore 20,000 axletrees are annually made from this wood; it is well suited for carriage shafts.

Dalbergia Latifolia

Dalbergia latifolia weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 4053; cohesion, 20,2S3 lb.; strength, 912 lb.; perhaps the most valuable tree of the Madras Presidency, furnishing the well-known Malabar blackwood; the trunk sometimes measures 15 ft. in girth, and planks 1 ft. broad are often procurable, after the outside whiite wood has been removed; used for all sorts of furniture, and is especially valued in gun-carriage manufacture.

Dalbergia Oojeinensis

Dalbergia oojeinensis centre timber is dark, of great strength and toughness, especially adapted for cart-wheels and ploughs.

Dalbergia Sissu

Dalbergia Sissu weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 3516-4022; cohesion, 12,072-21,257 lb.; strength, 706-807 lb.; see Sissu, p. 147.

Dillenia Pentagyna

Dillenia pentagyna weight, 70 lb.; elasticity, 3650; cohesion, 17,0531b.; strength, 907 lb.; furnishing some of the Poon spars of commerce; wood used in house and ship building, being close-grained, tough, durable (even under ground), of a reddish-brown colour, not easily worked, and subject to warp and crack.

Dillenia Speciosa

Dillenia speciosa weight, 45 lb.; elasticity, 3355; cohesion, 12,691 lb.; strength, 721 lb.; light, strong, light-brown wood, of the same general characteristics with the preceding tree; used in house-building and for gun-stocks. Diospyros Ebenum: see Ebony, p. 132.

Diospyros Hirsuta

Diospyros hirsuta weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 4296; cohesion, 19,830 1b.; strength, 757 lb.; see Calamander wood, p. 152.

Diospyros Melanoxylon

Diospyros melanoxylon weight, 81 lb.; elasticity, 5058; cohesion, 15,S73 lb.; strength, 1180 1b.; furnishing a valuable wood for inlaying and ornamental turnery; the sapwood white, the heartwood even-grained, heavy, close, and black, standing a high polish.

Diospyros Tomentosa

Diospyros tomentosa furnishing a hard and heavy black wood; young trees are extensively felled by the natives as cart-axles, for which they are well suited from their toughness and strength.

Dipterocarpus Alatus

Dipterocarpus alatus weight, 45 lb.; elasticity, 3247; cohesion, 18,781 lb.; strength, 750 lb.; timber is excellent for every purpose of house-building, but if exposed to moisture is not durable; it is hard and coarse-grained, with a powerful odour, and of light-brown colour.

Dipterocarpus Turbinatus

Dipterocarpus turbinatus weight, 45-49 lb.; elasticity, 3355; cohesion, 15,070 lb.; strength, 762-807 lb.; a coarse-grained timber of a light-brown colour, not easily worked, and not durable; used by the natives for house-building, in sawn planks, which will not stand exposure and moisture.