Emblica Officinalis

Emblica officinalis weight, 46 lb.; elasticity, 2270; cohesion, 16,964 lb.; strength. 562 lb.; furnishing a hard and durable wood, used for gun-stocks, furniture, boxes, and veneering and turning; is suitable for well-curbs, as it does not decay under water.

Erythrina Indica

Erythrina indica furnishes a soft, white, easily worked wood, being light, but of no strength, and eagerly attacked by white ants; used for scabbards, toys, light boxes and trays, etc.; grows very quickly from cuttings.

Feronia Elephantum

Feronia elephantum weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 3248; cohesion, 13,909 lb.; strength, 645 lb.; a yellow-coloured, hard, and compact wood, used by the natives in house- and cart-building, and in some places employed as railway sleepers.

Ficus Glomerata(Gooler)

Ficus glomerata(Gooler) weight, 40 lb.; elasticity, 2096-2113; cohesion, 12,691 lb.; strength, 588 lb.; wood is light, tough, coarse-grained, and brittle; used for door-panels, and, being very durable under water, for well-curbs.

Ficus Indica (Banyan)

Ficus indica (Banyan) weight, 36 lb.; elasticity, 2876; cohesion, 0157 1b.; strength, COO lb.; wood is brown-coloured, light, brittle, and coarse-grainnl, neither strong nor durable (except under water, for which cause it is used for well-curbs); the wood, however, of its pendant aerial roots is strong and tough, and used for yokes, tent-poles, etc.

Ficus Religiosa

Ficus religiosa weight, 34 lb.; elasticity, 2371-2454; cohesion, 7535 lb.; strength, 45S-5S4 lb.; similar in appearance, characteristics, and uses to banyan.

Gmelina Arborea

Gmelina arborea weight, 35 lb.; elasticity, 2132; has a pale-yellow wood, light, easily worked, not shrinking or warping, strong and durable, especially under water; it is, [however, readily attacked by white ants; used for furniture, carriage panels, palkees, etc.; in Burma, for posts and house-building generally.

Grewia Elastica

Grewia elastica weight, 34 lb.; elasticity, 2876; cohesion, 17,450 lb.; strength, 5G5 lb.; wood generally is procured in small scantlings, suitable for spear-shafts, carriagc-and dooly-poles, bows, and tool-handles, for which it is admirably adapted, being light, soft, flexible, and fibrous, resembling lancewood or hickory.

Guatteria Longifolia

Guatteria longifolia weight, 37 lb.; elasticity, 2SG0; cohesion, 14,720 lb.; strength, 547 lb.; wood is very light and flexible, but only used for drum cylinders.

Hardwickia Binata

Hardwickia binata weight, 85 lb.; elasticity, 4579; cohesion, 12,016 lb.; strength, 942 lb.; furnishing a red- or dark-coloured, very hard, very strong and heavy wood, useful for posts, pillars, and piles; excellent also for ornamental turnery.

Heritiera Minor

Heritiera minor weight, 64 lb.; elasticity, 3775-4677: cohesion, 29,112 lb.; strength, 816-1312 lb.; the toughest wood that has been tested in India, and stands without a rival in strength; is used for piles, naves, felloes, spokes, carriage shafts and poles; is, however, a perishable wood, and shrinks much in seasoning.