Hopea Odorata

Hopea odorata weight, 45-58 lb.; elasticity, 3GG0; cohesion, 22,2091b.; strength, 706-800 lb.; one of the finest timber trees of British Burma, sometimes reaching 80 ft. in height to the first branch, and 12 ft. in girth - a large boat of 8 ft. beam, and carrying 4 tons, being sometimes made of a single scooped-out trunk; wood is close, even-grained, of a light-brown colour.

Inga Lucida

Inga lucida heartwood is black, and called "ironwood" in Burma.

Inga Xylocarpa

Inga xylocarpa weight, 58 lb.; elasticity, 4283; cohesion, 16,657 lb.; strength, 83G lb.; furnishing a wood of very superior quality, heavy, hard, close-grained, and durable, and of a very dark-red colour; it is, however, not easily worked up, and resists nails; is extensively used for bridge-building, posts, piles, etc, and is a good wood for sleepers, lasting (when judiciously selected and thoroughly seasoned) for 6 years.

Juglans Regia (Walnut)

Juglans regia (walnut) its beautiful wood is used for all sorts of furniture and cabinet work in the bazaars of the Hill stations.

Lagerstraemia Reginse

Lagerstraemia reginse weight, 40 lb.; elasticity, 3665; cohesion, 15,388 lb.; strength, 637-G42 lb.; the wood is used more extensively than any other, except teak, for boat-, cart-, and house-building, and in the Madras Gun-carriage Manufactory for felloes, naves, framings of waggons, etc.

Mangifera Indica (Mango)

Mangifera indica (mango) weight, 42 lb.; elasticity, 3120-3710; cohesion, 7702-9518 lb.; strength, 5G0-G32 lb.; wood is of inferior quality, coarse, and open-grained, of a deep-grey colour, decaying if exposed to wet, and greedily eaten by white ants; is, however, largely used, being plentiful and cheap, for common doors and doorposts, boards and furniture; also for firewood; should never be used for beams, as it is liable to snap off short.

Melanorhoea Usitatissima

Melanorhoea usitatissima weight, 6l lb.; elasticity, 3016; strength, 514 lb.; furnishes a dark-red, hard, heavy, close and even-grained and durable (but brittle) timber; used for helves, sheave-blocks, machinery, railway sleepers, etc.

Melia Azadirach; weight, 30 lb.; elasticity, 2516; cohesion, 14,277 lb.; strength, 596 lb.; soft, red-coloured, loose-textured wood (resembling in appearance cedar), is used only for light furniture.

Michelia Ghampaca

Michelia Ghampaca weight, 42 lb.; in Mysore, trees measuring 50 ft. in girth 3 ft. above ground-level are found, and slabs 6 ft. in breadth can be obtained; as the wood takes a beautiful polish it makes handsome tables; it is of a rich brown colour.

Millingtonia Hortensis

Millingtonia hortensis wood is white, fine and close-grained, but of little use.

Mimusops Elengi

Mimusops elengi weight, 61 1b.; elasticity, 3653; cohesion, 11,369 lb.; strength, 632 lb.; wood is heavy, close and even-grained, of a pink colour, standing a good polish and is used for cabinet-making purposes, and ordinary house-building.