Mimusops Hexandra

Mimusops hexandra weight, 70 lb.; elasticity, 3948; cohesion, 19,0361b.; strength, 944 lb.; furnishes wood very similar to the last named; used for similar purposes, and for instruments, rulers, and other articles of turnery.

Mimusops Indica

Mimusops indica weight, 48 lb.; elasticity, 4296; cohesion, 23,824 lb.; strength, 845 lb.; a coarse-grained, but strong, fibrous, durable wood, of a reddish-brown colour; used for house-building and for gun-stocks.

Moras Indica (Mulberry)

Moras indica (mulberry) wood is yellow, close-grained, very tough, and well suited fur turning.

Nauclea Cadumba

Nauclea Cadumba a hard, deep-yellow, loose-grained wood, used for furniture; in the Gwalior bazaars it is the commonest building timber, and is much used for rafters on account of cheapness and lightness; but it is obtained there only in small scantlings.

Nauclea cordifolia; weight, 42 lb.; elasticity, 3052-3467; cohesion, 10,431 lb.; strength, 506-664 lb.; a soft, close, even-grained wood, resembling in appearance box, but light and more easily worked, and very susceptible to alternations of temperature; is esteemed as an ornamental wood for cabinet purposes.

Nauclea Parviflora

Nauclea parviflora weight, 42 lb.; strength, 400 lb.; a wood of fine grain, easily worked, used for flooring-planks, packing-boxes, and cabinet purposes; much used by the wood-carvers of Saharunpore.

Phoenix Sylvestris

Phoenix sylvestris weight, 39 lb.; elasticity, 3313; cohesion, 8356 lb.; strength, 512 lb.

Picea Webbiana

Picea webbiana weight, 88 lb.; wood is white, soft, easily split, and used as shingle for roofing, but is not generally valued as timber.

Pinus Excelsa (Silver Fir)

Pinus excelsa (Silver Fir) furnishing a resinous wood much used for flambeaux; durable and close-grained; much used for burning charcoal in the hills, and also for building.

Pinus Longifolia

Pinus longifolia elasticity, 3672-4668; strength, 582-735 lb.; being common and light, is largely used in house-building; requires, however, to be protected from the weather, and is suitable for only interior work in houses.

Pongamia Glabra

Pongamia glabra weight, 40 1b.; elasticity, 3481; cohesion, 11,104 1b.; strength, 686 lb.; wood is light, tough, and fibrous, but not easily worked, yellowish brown in colour, not taking a smooth surface; solid wheels are made from this wood; it is, however, chiefly used as firewood, and its boughs and leaves as manure.

Prosopis Spicigera

Prosopis spicigera a strong, hard, tough wood, easily worked.

Psidium Pomiferum (Guava)

Psidium pomiferum (Guava) weight, 47 lb.; elasticity, 2676; cohesion, 13,116 lb.; strength, 618 1b.; furnishes a grey, hard, tough, light, very flexible, but not strong wood, which is very close and fine-grained, and easily and smoothly worked, so that it is fitted for wood-engraving, and for handles of scientific and other instruments.