Pterocarpus Dalbergioides

Pterocarpus dalbergioides weight, 49-56 lb.; elasticity, 4180; cohesion, 19,036 lb.; strength, 864-934 lb.; furnishes a red, mahogany-like timber, prized by the natives above all others for cart-wheels, and extensively used by Government in the construction of ordnance carriages.

Pterocarpus Marsupium

Pterocarpus Marsupium weight, 56 lb.; elasticity, 4132; cohesion, 19,943 lb.; strength, 868 lb.; wood is light-brown, strong, and very durable, close-grained, but not easily worked; it is extensively used for cart-framing and house-building, but should be protected from wet; also well fitted for railway sleepers.

Pterocarpus Santalinus (Red Sandal)

Pterocarpus Santalinus (Red Sandal) weight, 70 lb.; elasticity, 4582: cohesion, 19,036 lb.; strength, 975 lb.; heavy, extremely hard, with a fine grain, and is suitable for turnery, being of a dark-red colour, and taking a good polish.

Pterospermum Acerifolium

Pterospermum acerifolium a dark-brown wood of great value, and as strong as teak; but its durability has not yet been tested.

Putranjiya Roxburghii

Putranjiya Roxburghii wood is white, closo-grained, very hard, durable, and suited for turning.

Quercus Spp. (Oak)

Quercus spp. (Oak) woods are heavy, and do not float for two years after felling, hence they are not sent down the rivers into the plains.

Rhus Acuminata

Rhus acuminata furnishes a wood much valued by cabinet-makers for ornamental furniture: planks 8 X 2 1/2 ft. can be obtained from some trees.

Santalum Album (Sandal)

Santalum album (Sandal) weight, 58 lb.; elasticity, 3481; cohesion, 19,461 lb.; strength, 874 lb.; valued tor making work-boxes, and small articles of ornament; and for wardrobe-boxes, etc, where its agreeable odour is a preventive against insects.

Sapindus Emargmatus

Sapindus emargmatus weight, 64 lb.; elasticity, 3965; cohesion, 15,495 lb.; strength, 682 lb.; furnishing a hard wood, which is not durable or easily worked, and is liable to crack if exposed; but is used by natives for posts and door-frames, also for fuel.

Schleichera Trijuga

Schleichera trijuga a red, strong, hard, and heavy wood, used for oil-presses, sugar-crushers, and axles; a large and common tree in Burma, where excellent solid cartwheels are formed from it.

Shorea Obtusa

Shorea obtusa weight, 58 lb.; elasticity, 3500; cohesion, 20,254 lb.; strength, 730 lb.; a heavy and compact wood, closer and darker coloured than ordinary sal, used for making carts, and oil- and rice-mills.

Shorea Robusta (Sal)

Shorea robusta (Sal) weight, 55 lb.; elasticity, 4209-4963; cohesion, 11,521-18,243 lb.; strength, 769-880 lb.; furnishes the best and most extensively used timber in Northern India, and is unquestionably the most useful known Indian timber for engineering purposes; is used for roofs and bridges, ship-building and house-building, sleepers, etc.; timber is straight, strong, and durable, but seasons very slowly, and is for many years liable to warp and shrink.