Sonneratia Apetala

Sonneratia apetala yields a strong, hard, red wood of coarse grain, used in Calcutta for packing-cases for beer and wine, and is also adapted for rough house-building purposes.

Soymida Febrifuga

Soymida febrifuga weight, 66 lb.; elasticity, 3986; cohesion, 15,070 lb.; strength, 1024 lb.; furnishing a bright-red close-grained wood, of great strength and durability, preferred above all wood by the Southern India Hindus for the woodwork of their houses; though not standing exposure to sun and weather, it never rots under ground or in masonry, and is very well suited for palisades and railway sleepers.

Sterculia Foetida

Sterculia foetida weight, 28 lb.; elasticity, 3349; cohesion, 10,736 1b.; strength, 464 lb.; in Ceylon it is used for house-building, and in Mysore for a variety of purposes, taking the place of the true Poon; wood is light, tough, open-grained, easily worked, not splitting nor warping, in colour yellowish-white.

Syzygium Jambolanum

Syzygium jambolanum weight, 48 lb.; elasticity, 2746; cohesion, 8840 lb.; strength, 600 lb.; brown wood is not very strong or durable, but is used for door and window-frames of native houses, though more generally as fuel; is, however, suitable for well and canal works, being almost indestructible under water.

Tamarindus Indica (Tamarind)

Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) weight, 79 lb.; elasticity, 2803-3145; cohesion, 20,623 lb; strength, 816-864 lb.; heartwood is very hard, close-grained, dark-red, very hard to be worked; used for turnery, also for oil-presses and sugar-crushers, mallets, and plane-handles; is a very good brick-burning fuel.

Tectona Grandis (Teak)

Tectona grandis (Teak) weight, 42-45 lb.; elasticity, 3978; cohesion, 14,498-15,467 lb.; strength, 683-814 lb.; wood is brown, and when fresh cut is fragrant; very hard, yet light, easily worked, and though porous, strong and durable; soon seasoned, and shrinks little; used for every description of house-building, bridges, gun-carriages, ship-building, etc.

Terminalia Arjuna

Terminalia Arjuna weight, 54 lb.; elasticity, 4094; cohesion, 16,288 lb.; strength, S20 lb.; furnishes a dark-brown, heavy, very strong wood, suitable for masts and spars, beams and rafters.

Terminalia Belerica

Terminalia Belerica wood is white, soft, and not used in carpentry.

Terminalia Chebula

Terminalia Chebula weight, 32 lb.; elasticity, 3108; cohesion, 7563 lb.; strength, 470 lb.; wood is used in Southern India for common house-building, but it is light and coarse-grained, possessing little strength, and liable to warp. In Burma it is used for yokes and canoes.

Terminalia Coriacea

Terminalia coriacea weight, 60 lb.; elasticity, 4043; cohesion, 22,351 lb.; strength, 860 lb.; the heartwood is one of the most durable woods known: reddish-brown, heavy, tough, and durable, very fibrous and elastic, close and even-grained; used for beams and posts, wheels, and cart-building generally, and telegraph-posts; is durable under water, and is not touched by white ants.