These are to be made first. If your pine board is not already cut up into 7/8-in. strips, you must do so by means of a cutting gauge (not a marking-gauge). Set the cutting knife 7/8 in. from the movable block, the knife projecting a full 1/8 in. Make a cut along one edge of the board, keeping the block tightly pressed against it. Do the same on the other side, and a strip of wood 7/8 in. wide will easily break off. The whole of the boards must be cut up into strips, and it will be well to plane the edges. Cut the strips to exact length. You will want 11 for top bars 15 1/2 in. (bare) long, 10 for bottom bars, 14 in. long, 20 for side bars 7 3/4 in. long. Cut them off exactly square. The frames (as shown in Fig. 614) must now be nailed together in the frame block. They are of the Association size, but with a shorter top bar (15 1/2 in. instead of 17 in.). This makes the hive and super case simpler to make than with a long top bar. The top, sides, and bottom of frame are made of the same thickness of wood for the sake of simplicity; but if the hive-maker possesses a circular saw, he may follow the Association dimensions exactly.

The frame under consideration has the same outside dimensions as the Association, and will fit into any Association hive.