The construction of a good bar-frame hive at a low cost out of an old tea-chest is thus described by A. Watkins.


A full-sized or Indian tea-chest, another packing-case, at least 6 in. longer than the tea-chest, containing some sound 1/2-in. boards. Have the lids with the boxes. The 2 will cost at the grocer's 1s. to 1s. 3d. The tea-chest is left whole to make the body of the hive; the other box is knocked down for the boards in it. In the frames, a piece of best pine is necessary 2 ft. by 11 in.; have it sawn by the circular into 2 equal boards:: they will be 3/8 in. thick. If at the same time you could get these boards sawn into strips 7/8 in. wide, it will save a deal of trouble. You will also want a bit of 1/4-in. board for cutting up into strips for the bottom of the super case; 17 in. by 6 in. will do. 1 lb. of 1 1/4-in. wire nails, and a few of the deepest round flat-headed shoe-nails, to be had from the currier's, will also be wanted.