Terminalia Glabra

Terminalia glabra weight 55 lb.; elasticity, 3905; cohesion, 20,085 lb.; strength, 840 lb.; furnishing a very hard, durable, strong, close and even-grained wood, of a dark-brown colour, obtainable in large scantling, and available for all purposes of housebuilding, cart-framing, and furniture.

Terminalia Tornentosa

Terminalia tornentosa supplies a heavy, strong, durable, and elastic wood; is, however, a difficult timber to work up, and splits freely in exposed situations; good wood for joists, beams, tie-rods, etc, and for railway purposes, and is often sold in the market under the name of sal, but it is not equal to that wood.

Thespesia Populnea

Thespesia populnea weight, 49 lb.; elasticity, 3294; cohesion, 18,143 lb.; strength, 7161b.; grows most rapidly from cuttings, but the trees so raised are hollow-centred, and only useful for firewood; seedling trees furnish a pale-red, strong, straight, and even-grained wood, easily worked; used for gun-stocks and furniture.

Trewia Nudifiora

Trewia nudifiora a white, soft, but close-grained wood.

Ulmus Integrifolia: (Elm)

Ulmus integrifolia: (Elm) a strong wood, employed for carts, door-frames, etc.

Zizyphus Jujuba

Zizyphus Jujuba weight, 58 lb.; elasticity, 3584; cohesion, 18,421 lb.; strength, 672 lb.; red dark-brown wood is hard, durable, close and even-grained, and well adapted for cabinet and oriental work.