Among the principal are the following: -

Acacia Pendula (Weeping Myall)

Acacia pendula (Weeping Myall) 6-12 in. diain.; 20-30 ft. high; wood is hard, possessing a close texture, and a rich dark colour.

Barklya Syringifolia

Barklya syringifolia 12-15 in. diam.; 40-50 ft. high; wood hard and close-grained.

Bauhinia Hookeri

Bauhinia Hookeri 10-20 in. diam.; 30-40 ft. high; wood is heavy, and of a dark reddish hue.

Bursaria Spinosa

Bursaria spinosa 6-9 in. diam.; 20-30 ft. high; timber is hard, of a close texture, and admits of a good polish.

Cargillia Australis

Cargillia Australis 18-24 in. diam.; 60-80 ft. high; grain is close, very tough and fine, of little beauty, but likely to be useful for many purposes.

Cupania Anacardioides

Cupania anacardioides 18-24 in. diam.; 50-50 ft high; the wood is not appreciated.

Cupania Nervosa

Cupania nervosa 12-20 in. diam.; 30-45 ft. high; wood is nicely grained.

Eremophila Mitchelli (Sandalwood)

Eremophila Mitchelli (Sandalwood) 9-12 in. diam.; 20-30 ft. high; wood is very hard, beautifully grained, and very fragrant; will turn out handsome veneers for the cabinet-maker.

Erythrina Vespertilio (Cork-Tree)

Erythrina vespertilio (Cork-tree) 12-25 in. diam.; 30-40 ft. high; wood soft, and used by the aborigines for making war-shields.

Excoecaria Agallocha (Poison Tree)

Excoecaria Agallocha (Poison Tree) 12-14 in. diam.; 40-50 ft high; wood is hard, and fine-grained.

Exocarpus Latifblia (Broad-Leaved Cherry)

Exocarpus latifblia (Broad-leaved Cherry) 6-9 in. diam.; 10-16 ft. high; wood very hard and fragrant; excellent for cabinet-work.

Flindersia Schottiana

Flindersia Schottiana stem 12-16 in. diam.; 60-70 ft. high; wood is soft, and soon perishes when exposed.

Harpullia Pendula (Tulipwood)

Harpullia pendula (Tulipwood) 14-24 in. diam.; 50-80 ft. high; wood has a firm fine texture, and is curiously veined in colouring; much esteemed for cabinet-work.

Maba Obovata

Maba obovata 10-15 in. diam.; 30-50 ft high; timber is hard, fine-grained, and likely to be useful for cabinet-work.

Melia Azadirach (White Cedar)

Melia Azadirach (White Cedar) 24-30 in. diam.; 40-60 ft. high; wood is soft, and not considered of any value.

Owenia Venosa (Sour Plum.)

Owenia venosa (Sour Plum.) 8-12 in. diam.; 20-30 ft. high; wood is hard, of a reddish colour, and its great strength renders it fit for wheelwright work.

Podocarpus Data

Podocarpus data 24-36 in. diam.; 50-80 ft. high; wood is hard, fine-grained, flexible, and elastic.

Sarcocephalus Cordatus (Leiclihardt's Tree)

Sarcocephalus cordatus (Leiclihardt's Tree) 24-36 in. diam.; 60-80 ft. high ; wood is soft, but close-grained, of a light colour, and easily worked.

Spondias Pleiogyna (Sweet Plum)

Spondias pleiogyna (Sweet Plum) 20-45 in. diam.; 70-100 ft. high; the wood is hard and heavy, dark-red, finely marked, and susceptible of a high polish.

Stenocarpus Sinuosus (Tulip Tree)

Stenocarpus sinuosus (Tulip Tree) 18-24 in. diam.; 40-60 ft. high ; wood is very nicely marked, and would admit of a good polish.