In the following descriptions of Indian woods, the "weight" denotes that of 1 cub. ft. of seasoned timber, "elasticity" is the coefficient of elasticity, "cohesion" is the constant of direct cohesion in lb. per sq. in., "strength" is the constant of strength in lb. for cross strains.

Abies Smithiana

Abies Smithiana furnishes a white wood, easily split into planks, but not esteemed as either strong or durable; used as "shingle" for roof coverings.

Acacia Arabica

Acacia arabica weight 54 lb.; elasticity, 4186; cohesion, 16,815 lb.; strength, 884 lb.; seldom attains a height of 40 ft., or 4 ft. in girth : its wood is close-grained and tough; of a pale-red colour inclining to brown; can never be had of large size, and is generally crooked; used for spokes, naves, and felloes of wheels, ploughshares, tent pegs.

Acacia Catechu

Acacia Catechu weight, 56-60 lb.; a heavy, close-grained, and brownish-red wood, of great strength and durability; employed for posts and uprights of houses, spear and sword handles, ploughs, pins and treenails of cart-wheels; but rarely available for timber.

Acacia Elata

Acacia elata weight, 39 lb.; elasticity, 2926; cohesion, 9518 lb.; strength, 695 lb.; furnishing logs 20-30 ft. long, and 5-6 ft. in girth; wood red, hard, strong, and very durable; used in posts for buildings, and in cabinet-work.

Acacia Leucopbloea

Acacia leucopbloea weight, 55 lb.; elasticity, 4086; cohesion, 16,288 lb.; strength, 861 lb.; resembles A. arabica and has similar uses.

Acacia Modesta

Acacia modesta very hard and tough timber, suitable for making mills, etc.

Acacia Speciosa

Acacia speciosa weight, 55 lb.; elasticity, 3502; strength, 600 lb.; grows to 40-50 ft. in height and 5-6 ft. in girth : the wood is said by some writers to be hard, strong, and durable, never warping or cracking, and to be used by the natives of South India for naves of wheels, pestles and mortars, and for many other purposes; but in Northern India it is held to be brittle, and fit only for such purposes as box planks and firewood.

Acacia Stipulata

Acacia stipulata weight, 50 lb.; elasticity, 4474; cohesion, 21,416 lb.; strength. 8231b.; furnishes large, strong, compact, stiff, fibrous, coarse-grained, reddish-brown timber, well suited for wheel naves, furniture, and house-building.

Adenanthera Pavonina

Adenanthera pavonina weight, 55 1b.; elasticity, 31031b.; cohesion, 17,S46 lb.; strength, 863-1060 lb.; timber does not enter the market in large quantities; is strong, but not stiff; hard and durable, tolerably close and even-grained, and stands a good polish; when fresh cut, it is of beautiful red coral colour, with a fragrance somewhat resembling sandalwood; after exposure it becomes purple, like rosewood; used sometimes as sandalwood, and adapted for cabinet-making purposes.