(1) Take equal parts precipitated subcarbonate of iron, and prepared chalk.

(2) An impalpable rouge may be prepared by calcining the oxalate of iron.

(3) Take quicksilver with chalk, 1/2 oz., and prepared chalk 2 oz., mix them. When used, add a small quantity of spirits of wine, and rub with chamois leather.

(4) Put sulphate of iron into a large tobacco pipe, and place it in a fire for 1/4 hour, mix with a small quantity of powdered chalk. This powder should be used dry.

(5) The following makes a liquid polish for silver plate - 3 to 4 dr. cyanide of potassium, 8 to 10 gr. nitrate of silver, and 4 oz. water; apply with a soft brush, wash the object thoroughly with water, dry with a soft linen cloth, and polish with a chamois skin. Neither whiting nor powder of any kind should be used for cleaning and polishing - they only waste and scratch the silver.

(6) Take 2 oz. hartshorn powder and boil it in 1 pint water; soak small squares of damask cloth in the liquid, hang them up to dry, and they will be ready for use, and better than any powders.

(7) Add by degrees 8 oz. prepared chalk in fine powder to a mixture of 2 oz. spirits of turpentine, 1 oz. alcohol, 1/2 oz. spirits of camphor, and 2 dr. aqua ammonia; apply with a sponge, and allow it to dry before polishing.

(8) Mix together 1 oz. fine chalk, 2 oz. cream of tartar, 1 oz. rottenstone, 1 oz. red-lead, and 3/4 oz. alum; pulverize thoroughly in a mortar. Wet the mixture, rub it on the silver, and, when dry, rub off with a dry flannel, or clean with a small brush.

(9) An excellent preparation for polishing plate may be made in the following manner : - Mix together 4 oz. spirits of turpentine, 2 oz. spirits of wine, 1 oz. spirits of camphor, and 1/2 oz. spirits of ammonia. To this add 1 lb. whiting, finely powdered, and stir till the whole is of the consistency of thick cream. To use this preparation with a clean sponge, cover the silver with it, so as to give it a coat like whitewash. Set the silver aside till the paste has dried into a powder; then brush it off, and polish with a chamois leather. A cheaper kind may be made by merely mixing spirits of wine and whiting together.