The best shape for displaying needlework is the Spanish. For a needlework central strip, with plush sides and border, the first step is to stuff without springs, keeping it quite flat across to counteract the tendency to wrinkle. A little hair or wadding is picked or strung on, and the needlework, pinned to a correct line, is sewn in place with a 6-in. needle through canvas and webs, allowing the needle to slope outwards from the work to produce a more rigid stay. The side margins are buttoned, allowing 1 1/2 in. for fulness where there is little curve, increasing 1/4 to 1/2 in. on the top and bottom rounds, and decreasing in the hollow. Suitable cord is used to hide the point and finish the borders. When the needlework is puckered, it may be rendered quite square and straight by straining it face downwards very tight and true on the board, with a clean cloth under it, and damping and pressing it till dry.