Argentine is a name given to tin precipitated by galvanic action from its solution. This material is usually obtained by immersing plates of zinc in a solution of tin containing 6 grm. (about 90 gr.) of the metal to the litre (0.88 qt.). In this way tin scrap can be utilised. To apply the argentine according to Marino's process, a bath is prepared from argentine and acid potash tartrate rendered soluble by boric acid. Soda pyrophosphate, ammonium chloride,.or caustic soda, may be substituted for the acid tartrate. The bath being prepared, the objects to be coated are plunged therein, first having been pickled and scoured, and they may be subjected to the action of an electric current. But a simple immersion is enough. The bath for this must be brought to ebullition, and objects of copper or brass or coated therewith may be immersed in it.