(a) To 8 lb. transparent glue add as much rain or river water as will just cover it, and occasionally stir it during 7 or 8 hours. After standing for 24 hours, and all the water is absorbed, submit it to the action of heat in a water bath, that is, surrounded by water, as glue is generally heated, and the glue will soon be dissolved. Remove it from the fire as soon as froth is seen to rise, and mix with it 7 lb. molasses, which has been previously made tolerably hot; stir the composition well together in the water bath over the fire, but without suffering it to boil. After being thus exposed to the heat for half an hour, and frequently well stirred, it should be withdrawn from over the fire and allowed to cool for a short time, previous to pouring it into a cylindrical mould made of tin, tinned sheet iron, or copper, having a wooden cylinder previously supported in its centre by means of its end-pivots or gudgeons. After remaining in the mould at least 8-10 hours in winter, and a longer time in summer, the roller is to be taken out of the mould by means of a cord fastened to one of the gudgeons, and passed over a strong pulley fixed to the ceiling; but care must always be taken that the cylinder is drawn out slowly from the mould.

Old rollers are recast in the same manner, first taking care to wash them with a strong alkaline lye, and adding a small quantity of water and molasses. The best mode, however, of making use of the old composition, is by mixing it with some new, made of 2 lb. glue and 4 lb. molasses. (6) Composition for rollers: - Summer use, 1 1/2 lb. best glue and 4 lb. treacle; winter use, 1 lb. best glue and 4 lb. treacle. Soak the glue about 1 1/2 hour if thick, if thin 1 hour. Take it out of the water, lay it on a board until next day, then melt down in proper melting pot, or put it in a saucepan and place it in another containing water. Do not let the water run over into the glue; one great secret in roller casting is to have as little water in the glue as possible. Add treacle as above, let boil once, then keep it just under boiling-point until cooked, which takes about 2 hours, more or less: pour out into moulds, well cleaned and greased; if the composition is left too long on the fire it will get thick and spoil.

The above is sufficient for an 18-in. roller; other sizes in proportion.