A patent has been taken out by Grouchy for making bagging which resists chemical action. The bagging is plunged in the following solution at 142° F. (60° C), and left for an hour: -

Sulphate of alumina ..

2 1/4 lb.

Water .....

5 1/2gal.

Borate of lime . .

2 1/4 lb.

The borate of lime is added after the sulphate of alumina has dissolved in the boiling water, and the whole decanted when settled. After taking out of this bath, the textiles are put in a second bath, composed of 2 1/4 lb. resinous soap and 2 1/4 lb. Marseilles soap, dissolved in 5 1/2 gal. water and carried to the boiling-point. At the end of 10 minutes the cloths are allowed to drip, dried, and then re-washed and dried. Bagging made in this way will, it is claimed, resist the action of any acids or chemicals put into them. - (New Fork Drug. Ore.)