2 oz. lovage root, 1 oz. lovage seeds, 10 oz. rectified spirit digest a week and filter.


As Allspice.


As Lemon.

Orange-peel - 4 oz. fresh yellow rind of orange, 1/2 pint rectified spirit, 1/2 pint water; digest for a week, press, filter; add 1 qt. sherry.


As Peppermint.


(1) 1 oz. oil of peppermint, 4 oz. rectified spirit; mix.

(2) To (1) add 1/2oz. herb of peppermint, or parsley or spinach leaves (preferably one of the first two), digest for a week, or until sufficiently coloured; 10 or 12 gr. sap green rubbed up with a tea-spoonful of hot water, is also used for colouring.

(3) 2 fl. oz. oil of peppermint, 16 fl. oz. rectified spirit.


(1) Digest 1 1/2 oz. sliced quassia in 1 pint proof spirit for 10 days, and filter.

(2) Equal parts powdered quassia (sprinkled with a little rum) and "foot" sugar, reduced to the consistence of a semifluid extract by the addition of a few spoonfuls of water.

(3) 1 oz. powdered quassia, 2 oz. burnt sugar colouring, well stirred together. Used as fraudulent substitutes for hops.


1 1/2 oz. disulphate of quinine, 1/2 pint rectified spirit; digest with warmth, gradually dropping in a little dilute sulphuric acid (avoiding excess), and constantly agitating until the whole is dissolved. Every fl. dr. contains 8 gr. disulphate of quinine, or about 10 gr. of the neutral sulphate. If more sulphuric acid is added than suffices to dissolve the salt (i.e. convert it into a neutral sulphate), the solution is apt to deposit part of it on keeping, owing to the gradual formation of ether by the action of the excess acid on the alcohol.


5 oz. rhubarb powder, 5 oz. silicious sand, 1 pint proof spirit; extract by displacement.


-40 gr. ambergris, 20 gr. musk, 10 gr. civet, 10 gr carbonate of potash, 6 drops oil of cinnamon, 4 drops oil of rhodium, 4 drops otto of roses, J pint rectified spirit of wine; macerate 10 days or longer.


(1) 2{ lb. sarsa-parilla root (best red Jamaica) carefully decorticated, the bark reduced to coarse powder, and digested for 7 to 10 days in J pint sherry and 1/4 pint rectified spirit, with frequent agitation; the essence is expressed, and in a week the clear portion is decanted from the sediment.

(2) 7 oz. alcoholic extract of sarsaparilla, { pint sherry; 3/4 pint rectified spirit; dissolve and filter.

(3) 4 oz. alcohol extract, 1 pint sherry; dissolve, and filter.

(4) 4 oz. alcoholic extract, 1 lb. white wine.

(5) 10 oz. bruised sarsaparilla, 6 pints distilled water; macerate at a temperature of 120° F. (49° C.) for 6 hours, and strain; repeat with the same quantity of fresh water; mix the liquors, and evaporate in china vessels at 160° F. (71° C.)

(6) 2} lb. bark separated from sarsaparilla root, exhausted with water as (5); the liquid is evaporated as quickly as possible in a water bath to 16 fl. oz., and when cold mixed with 4 fl. oz. rectified spirit.

(7) The infusion in No. (6) is evaporated to 10 1/2 fl. oz., and when cold, mixed with 1/2 pint sherry; in a week, the clear portion is decanted from the sediment.

(8) Compound

1 pint of (1), (2), (6), or (7) is triturated with the extract prepared from 3 1/4oz. mezereon bark and 4 oz. extract of liquorice; when mixed, it is returned to the bottle, and 1 1/2 fl. dr. essence of guaiacum and 20 drops oil of sassafras are added; the whole is well agitated for at least 15 minutes, and after a week's repose the clear portion is decanted as before.

(9) 8 oz. bruised sarsaparilla, q.s. hot water; exhaust the root by successive macerations, unite the liquors, and evaporate to 10 fl. oz.; strain, and add when cold 4 fl. dr. each alcohol (0.842) and tinctures of guaiacum and mezereon, 1 fl. oz. white wine, 12 drops oil of sassafras, 2 dr. extract of liquorice; agitate, and after repose decant as before.

Savoury Spices

(1) 4 oz. black pepper, 3 dr. powdered turmeric, 1 1/2 dr. coriander seeds (all ground), 1 1/2fl. dr. oil of pimento, 1/2 dr. each oils of nutmeg, cloves, cassia, and caraway, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest with, agitation for a fortnight.

(2) 3 oz. black pepper, 11/4 oz. allspice, 1/2 oz. each nutmegs and burnt sugar, 1 dr. each cloves, cassia, coriander, and caraway seeds (all bruised or ground), 1 pint rectified spirit; digest with agitation for 14 days, press, and filter.


4 oz. Castile soap (in shavings), 1 pint proof spirit; dissolve, and add a little perfume.

Soup Herbs

1 oz. each lemon thyme, winter savory, sweet marjoram, and sweet basil, 1/2 oz. each eschalots and grated lemon-peel, 1/4 oz. bruised celery seed, 1 pint proof spirit or brandy; digest for 10 to 14 days.


A decoction of the young tops of the black spruce fir, evaporated to the consistence of a thick syrup. Used to make spruce beer, etc.


3 oz. essence of anchovies 3 oz. shallot wine,1/2 pt. basil wine, 1/4 pt mushroom ketchup, juice of 2 lemons, yellow peel of 1 lemon, 1/4 oz. curry powder; digest for a week. Used to impart the flavour of turtle to soups and gravies.

Water Fennel

1 oz. water fennel seed (fine-leaved water hemlock, bruised), 4 fl. oz. proof spirit; digest. Westphalian. - (1) 1 pint crude or empyreumatic pyroligneous acid, 2 oz. sugar colouring; dissolve, and in a week decant the clear portion.

(2) 3 dr. tar, 2 oz. sugar colouring, 1 pint hot crude pyroligneous acid; agitate constantly for 1 hour, and after repose decant the clear portion.

(3) 1 pint acetic acid, 5 dr. creasote; mix.

(4) 1/4 oz. Barbadoes tar, 1 oz. burnt sugar, 1 ok. common salt, 3/4 pint strong pickling vinegar, 1/4 pint port or elder wine; digest as before. Used to impart a smoky flavour to meat, fish, etc, by brushing over, or adding a little to the brine in which they are pickled.


(1) 4 oz. extract of wormwood, 1 oz. oil of wormwood, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest a week, and filter.

(2) 1 pint tincture of wormwood, 5 dr. salt of wormwood, 1 dr. extract of wormwood; digest as before.