12 oz. bruised casca-rilla, 1 pint proof spirit; proceed by digestion or percolation.


As Allspice.


(1) 3 lb. recently-dried capsicum pods, 1 gal. rectified spirit; digest 14 days, press, filter.

(2) 1/4 lb. capsicum, 1 pint proof spirit; digest, press, filter.

(3) 1 oz. cayenne pepper, 1 pint brandy; digest, press, filter.


(1) 4 1/2oz. bruised celery seed, 1 pint proof spirit; digest 14 days, strain.

(2) 7 oz. celery seed, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest and strain as (1).


(1) As Allspice.

(2) 1 lb. sliced or bruised gentian root, J lb. dried orange-peel, 1 gal. proof spirit, 3 1/2 fl. oz. essential oil of chamomile; macerate a week.

(3) 1/2 lb. quassia wood may replace the gentian and orange-peel.


(1) As Allspice.

(2) 5 oz. cinnamon, 3/4 pint rectified spirit, 1/4 pint water; digest a week, strain.


(1) As Allspice.

(2) 3 1/2 oz. bruised cloves, 3/4 pint proof spirit, 1/4 pint water; digest a week, strain.


2 oz. cochineal, 2 oz. subcarbonate of potash, 2 oz. potash alum, 2 oz. cream of tartar, 20 oz. distilled water. Boil the cochineal and potash together for about 10 minutes, then stir in gradually the cream of tartar and alum; strain through muslin, and afterwards filter through paper. To the filtrate add 1/2 lb. lump sugar, and dissolve with gentle heat.


4 oz. coffee, 2 oz. chicory, 1 oz. caramel (burnt sugar); prepared by percolation of the coffee with boiling water, gently and quickly evaporated to 1/3 or 1/4 its bulk, adding a thick aqueous extract of the chicory and syrup of burnt sugar, so as to give the whole a treacly consistence.


(1) 1 oz. tolu balsam, 3 oz. rectified spirit, 3 oz. compound tincture of benzoin; dissolve; in a few days decant the clear.

(2) 1 oz. tolu balsam, 1 oz. compound tincture of benzoin, 2 oz. rectified spirit.

(3) 5 fl. oz. tincture of tolu, 3 fl. oz. compound tincture of benzoin, 1 oz. quite dry powdered sugar, 1 dr. hay saffron; digest a week, with frequent shaking.


1/2 lb. bruised or ground cubebs, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest 14 days, press, filter.

(2) 4 1/4 lb. cubebs, 1 gal. rectified spirit.

(3) Oleo- Resinous

1 oz. oleo-resinous extract of cubebs dissolved in 3 oz. rectified spirit.


(1) As Allspice.

(2) 1/2 oz. oil of dill, 1/2 oz. extract of dill, 1 oz. salt of tartar, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest, strain.


(1) 2 oz. powdered ergot, 2 fl. oz. rectified sulphuric ether; digest a week, express the tincture, filter, and abandon the liquid to spontaneous evaporation; dissolve the residue in 1 fl. oz. ether.

(2) 8 oz. ground ergot, 16 fl. oz. ether; prepare a tincture as (1), and by gentle heat distil off the ether in a retort connected with a well-cooled refrigerator until 15 fl. oz. have passed; continue this evaporation at a reduced heat until the remainder of the ether has escaped; as soon as cold, dissolve the residue in 4 fl. oz. ether.


As Allspice.


3 cwt. recent guaia-cum shavings from which the dust has been sifted, exhausted by coction in water, as in the preparation of an extract, using as little fluid as possible. The decoction is evaporated to exactly 1} gal., stirred until cold, to prevent the deposit of resinous matter, and put into a bottle with 5 pints spirits of wine; the whole is repeatedly agitated for a week, allowed to settle for 7 or 8 days, and the clear portion is decanted into another bottle.


(1) 1 dr. oil of lavender (Mitcham), 1 oz. camphor, 4 oz. liquor ammonia, 1 pint rectified spirit; dissolve.

(2) 2 lb. spirit of camphor, 4 oz. strong water of ammonia, 1/2 oz. essence of lemon.

(3) 2 oz. camphor, 2 oz. liquor of ammonia, 4 dr. oil of lavender, 14 oz. rectified spirit. Very fragrant, stimulant, and rubefacient.

(4) 2 lb. spirit of wine, 2 oz. roach alum, 4 oz. camphor, 1/2 oz. essence of lemon, 4 oz. strong water of ammonia, in a close-stoppered bottle; shake daily for 3 or 4 days.


(1) 26 1/2 oz. new hops (rubbed small), 1 qt. proof spirit; digest 24 hours, then distil 1 pint over (quickly), and set the distillate aside in a corked bottle; to the residue add 1 pint water, boil 15 minutes, cool, express the liquor, strain, and evaporate as quickly as possible to dryness by a water bath; powder the residue, and add to the distilled spirit; digest a week, and filter.

(2) 5 oz. lupulinic grains (yellow powder, or lupulin of the strobiles), 1 pint rectified spirit; digest 10 days, express, and filter. Both are powerfully bitter, and laden with the aroma of the hop.

(3) Several noxious preparations under the name of " extract of hops " are sold by the brewers' druggist. They are mostly semi-fluid extracts of quassia, gentian, and like powerful bitters. Of 3 of these articles which were exposed by Cooley, one (for pale ale) consisted of the mixed extracts of quassia and chamomile; another was a preparation of picric acid; whilst a third (strongly recommended for porter) consisted of about equal parts of the extracts of bitter aloes, Cocculus indictu, and wormwood. A few years ago one of these vile compounds was publicly advertised and warranted as being equal to 100 times its weight in hops (1 oz. to 5 1/2 lb.)


1 fl. oz. fresh oil of lemons, 8 fl. oz. deodorized alcohol (strongest flavourless rectified), 1/2 oz. exterior yellow rind of lemons (fresh); digest 48 hours, and filter.


(1) 1/2 lb. yellow peel of fresh lemons, 1 pint spirit of wine; digest for a week, press, and filter.

(2) 1 lb. yellow peel of fresh lemons, 1/2 gal. boiling water; infuse 1 hour, express the liquor, boil down to J pint, cool, and add 1/4 oz. oil of lemon dissolved in 1 1/2 pint spirit of wine; mix, and filter.