The bending and shaping of large pieces of iron and steel is called drop forging. An oblong block of steel case in a steel foundry is called an ingot. As soon as the steel is set in the mold, the hot mass is taken by a crane from the ingot mold and placed in a soaking pit to be annealed. While the metal is setting the exterior of the ingot becomes chilled. The soaking pit is a brick mold with all air excluded. When the ingot is placed in the mold, the interior heat of the ingot reheats the exterior surface, and causes it to soften or anneal. When this process is finished, the ingot is carried by a crane to the steam hammer, where it is drawn out roughly to shape. The number of times it may be necessary to heat the ingot depends upon the amount of work to be done on it and the speed at which that work is to be accomplished.