The engine lathe, described above, is also used for general work, such as turning, boring, facing, reaming, and other machine operations.

The turret lathe is a special machine device for the manufacture and rapid production of studs, bolts, screws, collars, etc. These products are cut and turned from round bar stock.

The speed lathe is specially designed for high-speed work - hence its name. It is employed mainly for such opera-

Fig. 198.   Engine Lathe.

Fig. 198. - Engine Lathe.

A - Reverse

B - Back Gear Lever

C - Back Gears

D - Spindle Cone

F - Face Plate

G - Saddle

H - Tool Post

I - Compound Rest J - Tail-Stock K - Tail-Stock Hand-Wheel L - Lathe Bed 0 - Apron Hand-Wheel Q - Apron Clutch

R - Cross-Feed Ball

Crank S - Cross-Feed Lever

Knob T - Apron Nut Cam U - Rack V - Lead Screw tions as center drilling, polishing, reaming, and hand-turning small pieces of work.