For the majority of operations requiring very great force applied through a comparatively short stroke, as in riveting, punching, shearing, lifting, forging, flanging, and many other similar operations, there is no other machinery so efficient as hydraulic; first, because there is absolutely no motion or power consumed except in the act, and at the moment of performing the desired operation - at all other times everything is at rest; secondly, because the water is carried or transmitted in a small pipe from its reservoir or tank to the machine. Under proper conditions, this transmission can be accomplished with an efficiency far surpassing that of the line-shaft, electric wire, or air tube. All the energy which a steam pump can deliver in the course of 10 to 15 minutes is utilized in the hydraulic machine within a few seconds. This is not possible in the use of any other form of machine tool.

Fig. 43.   Hydraulic Press.

Fig. 43. - Hydraulic Press.