1. What is the commercial method of generating electricity?

2. What are the principal parts of a dynamo?

3. Explain the principle of a dynamo.

4. The strength of a current depends upon what factors?

5. What is an induced current?

6. How may the direction of an induced current be determined?

7. What is a commutator?

8. What are armature brushes?

9. Describe the action of a dynamo.

10. Name and describe the different kinds of dynamos. .

11. What is the difference between alternating and direct currents?

12. What is an electric motor?

13. Describe the different kinds of electric motors. 14. Explain the expression "efficiency of a dynamo,"

15. Explain the care which should be given to a dynamo.

16. What is a transformer? Describe it.

17. What is a fuse? Describe it.

18. What is a circuit-breaker? Describe it.

19. What is a resistance box? Rheostat? Starting box?