1. What is steel? Give some of its general physical properties-

2. How is steel graded? What are the properties of each grade?

3. Explain the meaning of hardening; annealing; tempering.

4. What is the meaning of the phrase "drawing to a faint yellow color" in tempering?

5. What is Bessemer steel? How is it made?

6. What is the open-hearth method of making steel?

7. What is crucible steel? Describe its special properties.

8. How is high-speed steel made?

9. What is mild steel? Describe its physical properties.

10. What are the impurities in steel?

11. Explain the influence of impurities on steel.

12. What is case-hardened steel?

13. Name methods of annealing steel.

14. What is the test of steel strength?