1. What is sheet-metal work?

2. Explain the difference between the work of the coppersmith and the sheet-metal worker.

3. What are some of the metals used for sheet-metal work? Why are these particular metals used?

4. How are sheet metals obtained?

5. Explain the processes by which copper is obtained.

6. What are the physical properties of copper?

7. What are the chemical properties of copper?

8. Why has aluminum been used extensively in recent years?

9. How is it obtained? What are its physical and chemical properties?

10. What is an alloy? Why are alloys used? Name some alloys of aluminum.

11. Explain why tin is not used more extensively. How is tin plate made?

12. Give the uses and the physical and chemical properties of lead.

13. Name some alloys of lead and give properties of each.

14. Explain how zinc is obtained. Give the physical and chemical properties of zinc.

15. For what is mercury used in the trades and industries? Give physical and chemical properties.

16. Name some of the physical and chemical properties of platinum.

17. Explain some of the properties and uses of antimony and bismuth,

18. What is brass? What are its physical characteristics?

19. Explain the meaning of the following sheet-metal terms: anneal, temper, extended metal?

20. What is German silver? Name some of its uses and its physical properties.

21. What is a bronze? Name some of the common bronzes, their uses and their physical characteristics.

22. What is soldering? Why is it necessary to use a flux? Name some fluxes.