Painters' work is computed in square yards. Every part is measured where the color lies; the measuring line is forced into all the mouldings and corners.

138 painters', glaziers', and Plumbers' work.

Cornices, mouldings, narrow skirtings, reveals to doors and windows, and generally all work not more than nine inches wide, are valued by their length. Sash-frames are charged so much each according to their size, and the squares so much a dozen. Mouldings, cut in, are charged by the foot run, and the workman always receives an extra price for party-colors. Writing is charged by the inch,and the price given is regulated by the skill and manner in which the work is executed: the same is true of imitations and marbling. The price of painting varies exceedingly, some colors being more expensive and requiring much more. labor than others. In measuring open railing, it is customary to take it as Bat work, which pays for the extra labor; and as the rails are painted on all sides, the two surfaces are taken. It is customary to allow all edges and sinkings.