Beeswax, oz.; English Vermillion, 1 ozs.; gum shellac, 2 ozs.; rosin, 8 ozs. Take some cheap iron vessel that you can always keep for the purpose, and put in the rosin and melt it, and stir in the Vermillion. Then add the shellac, slowly, and stir that in, and afterward the beeswax. When wanted for use at any after time, set it upon a slow fire and melt it so you can dip bottle-nozzles in. For any purpose, such as an application to trees, where you want it tougher than the above preparation will make it, add a little more beeswax, and leave out the vermillion.

If the vermillion is left out in the above, the wax will be all the better for it, as it is merely used for coloring purposes.