A fire-shovel is another common article that can quite readily be worked up by the amateur. A simple design is that of Fig. 282, the pattern for the body of which being shown in Fig. 283. The sides and back can be bent up and jointed in the same manner as the dustpan, and will make a very good job in that form, especially if the four flaps are riveted down in the corners. The usual plan, however, and the simplest to follow, is to cut out the plate (in, say,

Fire Shovels 317

Fig 282.

16 or 18 S.W.G. iron or steel), as shown in Fig. 283. Holes are punched in the two flaps and backhand these bent up and riveted. After the flaps are riveted, the top edge of the back is then turned over. A handle can be formed by bending a piece of 1 in. by in. flat iron, shaping it according to fancy or skill. It should be firmly riveted to the back, and also to the bottom of the shovel body.

Fire Shovels 318

Fig. 283.