The setting out of the patterns for a funnel is illustrated by Fig. 90. The half-elevation is drawn in the usual manner, and the slant heights of the cones forming the different portions thus obtained. The lettered lines on the various patterns correspond to the lines with the same letters that are taken from the elevation to form the radii in drawing out the curves. A thimble, as D E, is often soldered on to the spout and body to give additional strength; it looks much better if hollowed a little, as shown by the dotted line. A small flange is allowed for on the spout for soldering inside the body of funnel; there is no need for this, though, if a thimble is fixed over the spout and body joint. A flute is often creased in the spout to allow the air to pass out of-the vessel whilst being filled. No pattern is shown for the rim, as this is but a straight strip.

Funnel Patterns 103

Fig. 90.