The exact shape of the pattern for a gusset may be found as set out in Fig. 323.

A quarter-circle is described, divided into three equal parts, and lines run up to meet the joint line of gusset in 0', 1', 2', and 3'. The middle line 0' 3° is next drawn, and lines run across and cut off equal in length to the quarter-circle lines; that is, 0' 0" = a o, 1° 1" =6 1, and 2° 2" = c 2. From the dotted curve thus obtained the girth line of pattern is measured, set down, and construction lines drawn across; these latter being cut off equal in length to the lines on gusset elevation. Thus, to give one example, 0" 1" on the pattern will equal 0" I" on the elevation, whilst 1° V will be the same length as 1° V.

Gusset Plate For Round Pipe Elbow 360

Fig. 323.