Multitudes of designs can be adopted to ornament the outlet or inlet end of a length of pipe, the method followed in setting out the shape of sheet or plate to form the cut being practically the same in each case. One simple design is shown in Fig. 39, in which the end of the pipe is flayed out and a bead turned on the edge of the sheet.

Pipe End Ornament 44

Fig. 39.

The setting-out of the patterns can be followed by reference to Fig. 40. The exact shape of the section of the end of pipe is first set out as shown on the end pattern. The quarter-circle is divided into three equal parts, and the small circle into six equal parts. The section girth is set along the centre line of the pattern, the length 0 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc., being the same length as the arcs on the section. Lines are drawn through these points square to the centre line of pattern, and these cut off the required length by projecting up from the corresponding points on the section as shown. A free curve is then drawn through the points, and the net pattern is complete.

Pipe End Ornament 45

Fig. 40.

Laps for riveting, soldering, or whatever form of seam is used, will of course have to be allowed for.

Where a bead is put on, as in this case, it will be an advantage to make it separate from the sheet, leave it slightly open, and slip on as with split-tube.

If required to fit together properly and to look well when finished, this kind of work will need setting out very accurately and making up as neatly as possible.