Having long felt the want of a book that dealt with sheet and plate metal work from a practical point of view, the author some years back decided to write one. In this he was encouraged by the editor of the English Mechanic, who invited him to contribute a series of articles on the subject to that paper. The present book, through the kind permission of the above-mentioned editor, is the outcome of those articles.

The distinct feature of the book is that the patterns are shown set out as they would be in the workshop, with hints as to allowances for joints, wiring and notches, bending up, use of tools, and so on.

Nearly all the patterns have been tested by the author himself or under his supervision.

It is hoped that by a careful study of the book the mechanic will become a more expert craftsman, and at the same time learn the art of cutting up metal economically.

The book, too, should serve as a work of reference for works managers and draughtsmen.

In conclusion, the author hopes that the work may lead to the more extended use of sheet metal in aiding the present "new art" tendency to evolve newer shapes of articles for household and general use.