Buttonhole Stitch. There are several kinds of buttonholing, all variations of the plain stitch. An ordinary buttonhole may have both ends round, both square, or one each round and square. Buttonholes should be worked accurately by a thread. The corners contain seven stitches geometrically arranged (see (a) and (b)). To work a buttonhole, hold the work under the thumb with the edges away from the worker. Begin by slipping the needle between the edges, bringing it out on the surface about four or five threads in. Put the needle over the edge of the buttonhole to the under side, insert it again about two threads from where it came out before. While still in this position, throw the thread over the point of the needle from left to right, forming a loop. Pull the needle through, and draw up closely into a firm knot at the edge of the buttonhole. Repeat, making all stitches uniform.