IN this collection of Embroidery Stitches, I have endeavoured to place before those artists who are interested in needlecraft an exposition of the most useful and artistic stitches that have formed a part of my own work during several years' study and practice of Art Embroidery. Some of these will be familiar to Needle-artists : others will serve to exemplify how, in process of working, fresh stitches may be evolved from old ones ; or how, when originality gains ground entirely new stitches become apparent and workable.

A point somewhat overlooked in Art Embroidery is the fact that each separate stitch is a design in itself. If this principle be fully recognised, the necessity for careful and systematic study of the forms and functions of Embroidery Stitches will immediately become obvious to the student and worker.

"Embroidery Stitches" is planned with a view to facilitating reference, and to affording immediate conception of the intimate connection between illustration and explanation. To attain this end, the illustrations are placed in uniform spaces throughout the volume, two on each page ; and in each case the description appears opposite its corresponding design.

In this the arrangement differs from that of other Needlework manuals, in affording that clearness, sequence, and finality, so agreeable to the worker, which becomes impossible where illustrations are interspersed at irregular intervals in a continuous letterpress.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure simplicity and point in the directions ; and where possible in a book of this size, suggestions have been given for the application of stitches to useful purposes.

The alphabetical system of arrangement has been adopted, as being most suitable for a book of reference.

In the comparatively few cases in which one stitch is known by two names, the design has been repeated under the different headings, to maintain clearness and alphabetical sequence.

M. E. Wilkinson. Kendal.

Oct. 1912.