To allow for more room in the back of the chemise a strap may be added to the point L. This strap is made of two thicknesses of material and is 6" by 2" when finished.

1. Cut a piece of muslin 12 1/2" by 2 1/2" and fold it crosswise.

2.  Make a plain seam on the long sides.

3.  Open the seam and turn it inside out.

4.  Finish the short open end.

5.  Fold through the center lengthwise and crease the fold.

6.  Put the back of the chemise with the point


Fig. 86. - French Underwear with Good Spacing of Tucks

L on this center fold. Put it so that the edge of the strap meets the edges of the chemise.

7. Baste it in place and then finish with two rows of stitching.