A lengthwise strip of bright red calico, 5x7 inches, with white or black dots, 1/4 inch apart. Fold through the middle, parallel with the warp on a row of dots, and hold the two sides together evenly with a row of 1/2 inch basting stitches taken close to the raw edge of the long side, to be removed when the model is ready for over-casting. If the pupil has had no practice in sewing, this piece is prepared as above and placed in her hands, with the folded edge held up, the knot on the under side, and the needle in the second row of dots.


Illustration 3. A Section of Model 1 (Basting). Illustration 4. Hands in position for overhanding.

Baste closely for hand work, with stitches of such length as the material requires. All basting should be done evenly. Cut basting threads freely before removing them.