Cotton, 5 inches square.

Cotton, 21/4 x 1 inch, for facing the first placket.

Cotton, 21/4 x 11/2 inches, for extension hem of second placket.

(a) Make a faced hem on the upper side, and an extension hem on the under side. Fasten the angle as directed above.

(b) Make a narrow hem on both edges of the second opening, and fold back 1/2 inch on the side to be lapped over. Lay the right side of the hems together, and stitch a half circle on the wrong side to fasten the angle of the opening.

(a) Make 1/2 inch hem on one side of the first opening, a narrow hem on the other side, and fasten the wider hem over the other, with two rows of stitching across the angle of the opening.


Illustration 21. Model 14 (Plackets For Dresses) (b).

(b) Bind the second opening with the band, fold back the side to be lapped, and extend the other side under it.


Illustration 22 (a). Basted pleats.


Illustration 22 (b). Bias strips. Join by overhanding the selvedge edges or by a narrow seam.