Cotton, 6x7 inches, with selvedge on one of the long sides.

Measure 21/8 inches along the selvedge for width of hem, and draw five threads of the woof. Turn the raw edges at the top and side, baste and overhand the pillow case on the outside before the hem is turned. The selvedge is used on the side of the pillow case.

Baste the hem on a line with the drawn threads, hold the work lengthwise over the left forefinger and between the left thumb and second finger, and work from left to right.

Middle Third


Illustration 13. Square folded into thirds for cutting.

Use No. 70 thread and No. 9 needle. Hide the knot under the fold, take up four threads with the needle, draw it through, put the needle in again at the first of the four threads, and take a stitch through the cloth and the folded edge. Draw the thread through forward and downward. When extra strength is required, take a stitch between each cluster.

To make a knotted hem-stitch, use colored thread, and pass it under the needle as it comes through the folded edge, and take a stitch between each cluster. It is made on the right side.