Seventeen years ago sewing was introduced into the Philadelphia Public Schools. During these years Miss Kirby, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, has conducted monthly meetings of the teachers of sewing, in which were freely discussed methods of making and teaching the various seams, and all matters pertaining to the subject.

In order that the best method of instructing the children in classes might be secured, experiments were made and reported upon, the teachers being encouraged to express their difficulties and tell their successes; thus placing the experience of the entire force at the disposal of each individual.

The lessons in this book are mainly the outgrowth of the practical suggestions mentioned above, tested and worked out many times by the author in the schools under her charge, together with the careful study of books on the subjects treated.

Special acknowledgment is due to Miss Helen Fair-child Kinsey for the assistance she has given in illustrating the book.

P. P.

Philadelphia, October, 1901.