Some of the following statements are true and some of them are false. Read the first sentence. If you think it is true, write the word True on your paper, or if you think it is false write the word False. Do the same for each of the statements and number your answers to correspond with the numbers in the book.

1. Selvedge edges are suitable for use in the plain seams of a laundry bag because they do not ravel.

2. The first turn in making a hem should be one-fourth of an inch in width.

3. It is necessary to baste a hem so as to have a guide for the stitching.

4. The simplest way to straighten cloth is by tearing.

5. Basting stitches should always be one-half inch long.

6. The thimble should be worn on the third finger.

7. A gauge is helpful in turning a hem to an even width.

8. It is impossible to straighten the edges of cloth accurately without pulling a thread.

9. Basting should be fastened with two or three small stitches to prevent its pulling out.

10. The width of the hem depends on the article being made. 3