No matter how good the line, nor how beautiful the color, we do not appear well-dressed if our dress is covered with lint and lacking a button or two. It is not truly artistic to be careless or untidy in one's dress. The girl who is well-dressed is particular to see that her clothes are well taken care of, that her hat, dress and coat are brushed, her shoes polished, spots removed from her clothing, rips sewed up and buttons or fast-ners sewed on. You have probably already learned how to do these things, but have you ever realized how important they are in helping you to be well-dressed?

Wear the Right Thing at the Right Time. - To wear the right thing at the right time is so important that in some schools the girls have formed clubs to study this problem. They become so enthusiastic about it that they make rules for themselves as to what they should wear at school. A school is a work place and it seems absurd to think that a girl who wishes to be well-dressed would wear fancy dresses, silk stockings and satin pumps to school.

Something to Do. - 1. Appoint a committee to prepare a report on "What to Wear at School."

2. Do you think there is need of a club in your school to encourage girls to wear correct clothing at school? Have you seen any girls to-day who are not well-dressed for school?

3. If you have already organized a W. T. W. Club, this club should make some rules about appropriate clothing for school.