The most convenient closets have rods extending from side to side upon which to place hangers. This makes it unnecessary to hang one garment over another on the same hook, which is very inconvenient. If there is no rod in your closet the handle of an old broom or mop will serve the purpose very well. Do you think a closet will hold more clothing if the clothing is arranged on hangers placed on a rod, or if the clothing is hung on the hooks around the walls?

A convenient arrangement of the closet will include keeping things off the floor as much as possible so that it can be cleaned quickly and easily. In a well-arranged closet there should be some way of keeping shoes off the floor. Some people keep their shoes in shoe bags, in shoe racks or on low shelves. This not only makes the floor of the closet easier to clean, but it keeps the shoes from getting dusty.

Do you have your things arranged conveniently on your closet shelf? Plan to keep your everyday hat in the most convenient place so that you will not waste time hunting for it when you are in a hurry. What other things do you plan to keep on your shelves? Do you have them conveniently arranged so that you will not waste time getting them when you need them?

The plan for having a convenient arrangement for keeping things in order also applies to the dresser or bureau. When you go to your dresser can you find what you want without looking through every drawer to find it? Do you have a special place for your handkerchiefs, gloves, ties, stockings and other belongings?

The Habit of Putting Things Away. - Having a convenient place for each thing is just half the story. Putting things in their places is the other half of the story. It is much easier and saves time if you do not drop things just any place in the room. If you put things away and hang up your clothes at night, there will be no picking up to do in the morning. The habit of putting things away as you go is a great time saver.

When two girls are sharing a room together, each should be careful to do her share in keeping things in order. This means putting things away instead of leaving them around the room. It is inconsiderate to keep a room in disorder when someone is sharing it with you.

Something to Do. - 1. Draw a diagram of your closet and the drawers of your bureau, showing where you keep your clothes and other belongings.

2. Draw another diagram showing how you can improve on your present plan.

Avoid a Cluttered Room. - Which of the dressers in Fig.

107 has an untidy, cluttered appearance? A few well-arranged things on the top of the dresser make it much easier to keep order and will help you to save time in caring for your room. It is not in good taste to have many pictures and party favors stuck around the mirror. They get soiled, make the dresser hard to dust, and have an untidy, cluttered appearance.

Fig. 107.

What Is Your Share In Helping To Keep House 226What Is Your Share In Helping To Keep House 227

One thing which gives the top of the dresser a most untidy appearance is the hairbrush or comb that is left full of hair combings. What do you think is the most satisfactory way of disposing of combings? Do you have a convenient arrangement in your room for doing this? If brushes and combs are left on top of the dresser all the time they are sure to collect dust. For this reason many people keep their brushes and combs in the dresser drawer.

What do you think are the necessary things to keep on top of your dresser? When you are planning the arrangement for the top of your dresser remember to have only those things which are necessary and are not harmed by dust. If you are sharing your dresser with your sister you will have to work out a plan with her. It would not be fair for one girl to have unnecessary things on the top of the dresser which give it a cluttered appearance and make it hard to clean.

Other places in your room as well as the top of your dresser may become cluttered and untidy looking. Is the top of your desk or table littered with old papers or books that you do not use? Are there things on the top of the table that should be kept in drawers or boxes? What other places in your room may be in disorder and full of unnecessary things?

Something to Do. - Draw a plan showing what you think is a good arrangement for the top of your dresser or table.

Your Morning Schedule. - Every girl who does her share in keeping house will leave her room in order when she leaves for school in the morning. In the hurry to get away to school sometimes it seems as though there were hardly time to do this. A well worked out schedule for the things you have to do before leaving the house in the morning will help to solve this problem. Answering the following questions may help you to work out a schedule that will enable you to save time.

1. Do you make needless trips back and forth across the room and up and down stairs? Remember to "make your head save your heels."

2. How many minutes does it take you in the morning to put your room in order and to make the bed? Can you think of any way of cutting down this time?

3. Did you hang up your clothing the night before and leave things in order so that there are no unnecessary things to do in the morning?

4. Have you planned exactly which things to do before breakfast and which things to do after breakfast so that you will not waste any time?

5. If you share your room with a sister do you have a clear understanding with her as to the duties of each? Do you each do certain things every morning? Do you take turns at putting the room in order by the day or by the week?

Something to Do. - Make a time record showing how you spend your time in the morning before you go to school. Record the things which you do in the morning in the order in which you perform them. Ask at least two other girls to examine your time record and try to suggest ways in which you can save time. Do you plan your duties in the morning so as to do them in the least possible time? Do you do as much in the morning as it is possible for you to do in helping to keep house? Do you think it is fair for you to take care of your own interests only and rush off to school?